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Welcome to Unionens unemployment insurance fund!

Loosing your employment is always stressful, but it is easier if you have an unemployment insurance. In Sweden unemployment insurance is called arbetslöshetskassa, or simply a-kassa.

Temporary rules

Too meet the economic impact that the Corona pandemic is having on individuals, companies, and society, the Swedish Government and their supporting parties have agreed to implement temporary changes to the Swedish unemployment benefit system. These changes are due to expire after January 3rd 2021.

The membership requirement

Those who meet the membership requirement are able to qualify for income related unemployment benefit. Each month of membership during March-December 2020 will count as 4 months.

This change applies to decisions made on or after April 13th 2020.

The maximum benefit per day

The maximum unemployment benefit per day for the first 100 days of unemployment has been raised from SEK 910 to SEK 1200 per day, before tax.
This applies to compensation starting with week 16 of 2020.

For compensation relating to the period from June 29 2020 to January 3 2021, the maximum unemployment benefit per day is raised from SEK 760 to SEK 1000 per day from day 101 of the compensation period.

No waiting period

There will be no waiting period before receiving unemployment benefit between March 30th 2020 and January 3rd 2021. This means unemployment benefit will be paid out from day 1 of unemployment. Normally, there would be a 6-day waiting period before the 1st day of unemployment benefit.

The compensation

As a member of an unemployment insurance fund you can be entitled to up to 80 percent of your former salary for the first 200 days of unemployment. The following 100 days you receive 70 percent of previous income. Payments are capped at 910 kronor per day the first 100 days, and at 760 kronor per day after that. The benefit period is 300 days.

To be entitled to full unemployment insurance payouts you must have been a member and in regular work for at least a year before becoming unemployed.

Basic conditions

To be entitled to unemployment insurance you need to:

  • be partially or completely unemployed,
  • be able to work at least 3 hours every working day and at least 17 hours per week,
  • be prepared to accept suitable work when so offered,
  • be registered at the public employment service (Arbetsförmedlingen) and
  • actively seek suitable work.

In addition, you need to cooperate with Arbetsförmedlingen in the drafting of an individual plan of action for employment. 

Payment of membership fee

Our fee is 140 kronor a month. You can pay the fee with direct debit, e-invoice or regular invoice.

Autogiro (direct debit)

With autogiro, you do not need to keep track of due dates or fill in long OCR numbers. The money is automatically deducted from your account and is credited to our account on the correct day. Autogiro is free of charge.

To sign up for autogiro, log into your internet bank and register us as a payment recipient. Until the autogiro is registred you need to pay with the invoices that we send to you.

E-faktura (e-invoice)

Log into your internet bank and register that you want to receive e-invoices from us. Until you have signed up you need to pay with the invoices that we send to you.


We will send an invoice to your post address every month. 

If you do not pay the fee your membership will end

If you do not pay the fee your membership ends after three months. For example, if you do not pay the fee for January, February and March, your membership ends from April 1.

However, the membership fee for the three months must always be paid, even if the membership is terminated. 

More information

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